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We believe our Team is the best in the business.

When you work with WDS Legal, you can be confident that you are in the hands of trained, qualified, competent and experienced professionals. Each of our Team members is a valued and integral part of our organization.

Get to know a little more about our Leadership Team.


Sheila Lazzara

Graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1988.  Received my Paralegal training at Southeastern Paralegal in 1989.  Working as an Insurance Defense Paralegal provided the foundation to start Written Deposition Service, LLC in April of 1995 on two very basic principles, obtaining records in a timely manner and keeping the attorneys informed throughout the process.

My background experience as an Insurance Defense Paralegal gave me the insight to create WDS and to maintain a successful company for over 27 years. We have an incredible, knowledgeable staff that contributes to the continued success of WDS allowing us to meet or beat the critical deadlines of our clients.  I have always said that the records obtained through WDS can make or break the case for our clients.

My husband Paul and I have been married for over 30 years and have two amazing children.  I engage in an active lifestyle and I enjoy going into the office every day.

Sheila.Lazzara@WDSLegal.com  |  tel 972.488.5555 ext. 221  |  direct 214.239.8331  |  fax 972.488.5590  |  toll free 800.346.4405

Paul Lazzara
Owner/Vice President

Graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1988 and started his career with the hospitality and travel industries.  Gained extensive experience in Information Technology (IT) with SABRE corporation, a subsidiary of AMR Inc., the parent company of American Airlines, as a network engineer for 14 years.

During his tenure at WDS, Paul developed the core business process requirements for the company’s IT systems and their related Work Management System.

Paul.Lazzara@WDSLegal.com  |  tel 972.488.5555 ext. 241  |  direct 214.239.8330  |  fax 972.488.5590  |  toll free 800.346.4405

Karen Glentz
Research & Issuing Manager

I have been with Written Deposition Service since 1997.  I am the Manager over the Research/Issuing Department, which is where the process begins for all orders clients place.   With 25 years of experience in the Legal Industry, I can offer knowledge and advice for the most complicated order.  The staff here at Written Deposition Service is more than happy to help answer any question which may come up when obtaining records.  We take great pride in providing excellent customer service to our clients.

Karen.Glentz@WDSLegal.com  |  tel 972.488.5555 ext. 222  |  direct 214.239.8334  |  fax 214.239.8349  |  toll free 800.346.4405

Jennifer Hurtado
Litigation Manager/Compliance

I have been in the Legal industry for about 31 years now.  I have been Litigation Manager for WDS since 1995 and as such, it has always been my goal to provide quality customer service, which I believe, is rare in the industry.  What we do at WDS is extremely important and we strive to make things easier for our clients, in what can be a very time intensive process. Things are a bit more complex in document retrieval since I started this journey but we have an awesome staff of dedicated individuals who share our goals and insight which I believe elevates our service in every way!

Jennifer.Hurtado@WDSLegal.com  |  tel 972.488.5555 ext. 222  | direct 214.239.8334  | fax 214.239.8349  |  toll free 800.346.4405 

Denise Edwards
Production Manager

I have been in the legal industry for 32 years and 26 of them have been spent at WDS.   I feel grateful to have been a member of this team from the very beginning and to work for a company with the core values of faith, family, and service.   I have had the privilege of watching and contributing to the growth of a business in a way that keeps things as efficient as possible without sacrificing service.  I have also had the honor of working alongside an amazing group of leaders that I learn from every day.  In our industry, attention to detail is extremely important from the moment an order is placed.  However, my love and favorite part of the process is working on the finished product and everything involved in making sure records are delivered and the appropriate documents are filed in a timely fashion.   This is a challenging and ever changing industry, but that never changes our goal of providing the most excellent service possible.

Denise.Edwards@WDSLegal.com  |  tel 972.488.5555 ext. 225  |  fax 214.239.8343  |  toll free 800.346.4405 

Hayley Groshon
Accounting Manager/Office Manager

I am the Office Manager for WDS. I have been with the company for almost 16 years. I handle invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivables, human resources, opposing counsel records requests and ensuring the office has the necessary supplies to run smoothly. I love the fast paced, detail oriented industry and value the knowledge I have gained working for such a great company.

Hayley.Groshon@WDSLegal.com  |  tel 972.488.5555 ext. 223   |  direct 214.239.8332  |  fax 972.488.5590  |  toll free 800.346.4405  

Cara Cohen
Paralegal/Sales/Client Service Team

I graduated from College in 1984 with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.  After working a few years in the retail industry, I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a Paralegal.  I made a decision to quit my job and attend a full time Paralegal Program.  I graduated from that Program in 1988 and obtained a Certification as a Paralegal.  My first job in the legal industry was with a Plaintiff’s Firm.  I worked there several years and then had an opportunity to work for an Insurance Defense Firm.  I continued to work for the Defense Firm until the birth of my first child in 1994.  I had my second child in 1997 and continued to stay at home while raising my children.  Then, in 2003 I was ready to get back into the legal industry and began my job with Written Deposition Service.  I am going on my 18th year with this company and am proud to be a part of this incredible company.

Cara.Cohen@WDSLegal.com  |  tel 972.488.5555 ext. 243  | direct 214.239.8351  | fax 972.488.5590  |  toll free 800.346.4405